Vintage fair @ The Seletar Mall

Selling via our website or Carousell is great, but we really enjoy traveling to the heartlands to meet customers in person. Earlier this year, we brought our collection to a vintage roadshow at The Seletar Mall, showcasing products such as Batman collectibles, children’s vintage pedal scooters and even a mini, coin-operated jukebox.


We loved seeing kids stop by to check out the toys and games their parents used to play! For the older generation, the roadshow was also a chance to check out our products first hand, and reminisce about their younger days.


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Masudaya ‘Gang of Five’ toy robots

For robot collectors, Masudaya’s ‘Gang of Five’ are among the most sought after in the world. The battery operated tin robots were produced by Japanese company Masudaya in the post-WW2 era, and are known as a gang of five because they share similar body and arm stampings and drive mechanisms.

Among the Gang of Five, the Machine Man is the rarest, and is generally considered to be the world’s most expensive toy robot. Two years ago, a Machine Man sold for $45,600 at the Morphy Auctions.

Air Jordan Legends of the Summer Shoes

Legend of Summer

When Jay Z and Justin Timberlake co-headlined the Legends of the Summer concert tour in 2013, their shoes made headlines as much as the stars. The duo, who wore a special collection of Air Jordans for their performance, later gave these sweet kicks to a select few fans. Today these Air Jordan 1 Legends of Summer are worth up to $10,000 on eBay — or you can get them from our very own collection.


Taro Washimi Feather Gold 鹫见太郎

香港獨立精品時裝店近年開到成行成市,但清一色主打頂級銀器的首飾店卻仍然少之又少,不過近日於旺角煙廠街出現的一間銀器舖Vinavast,就堪稱神級,只因店主Kenneth搜羅回來的作品,均是達自鬼罕級別的神作,例如有號稱最紅One Man Brand的Taro Washimi鷲見太郎;關西最頂尖品牌FATE.CO;以至是全球銀器收藏家都趨之若鶩神品LONE ONES等等,都是他們的旗艦級Items,要於香港見識銀器的真正魅力,Vinavast是不能不到的聖地。 Continue reading “Vinavast神級鬼罕銀器店”