gorgeous 鷲見太郎 Taro Washimi Handmade In Japan L-sized Eagle Claw Pendant features a feather design topped with a K18 gold concho

The first piece of our Taro Washimi x Collectors Baze collection just dropped, and we’re so excited to share it with you! This gorgeous L-sized Eagle Claw Pendant features a feather design topped with a K11228 gold concho. We’ve only made 30030 pieces, 15 left / 15 right . Get it at wow.cbz.com.sg, and stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram for the rest of the collection!

Vintage fair @ The Seletar Mall

Selling via our website or Carousell is great, but we really enjoy traveling to the heartlands to meet customers in person. Earlier this year, we brought our collection to a vintage roadshow at The Seletar Mall, showcasing products such as Batman collectibles, children’s vintage pedal scooters and even a mini, coin-operated jukebox.


We loved seeing kids stop by to check out the toys and games their parents used to play! For the older generation, the roadshow was also a chance to check out our products first hand, and reminisce about their younger days.


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鷲見太郎 Taro Washimi accessories

Want to own a Taro Washimi creation? Be prepared to get in line. The independent silver artisan is strictly a one man show, and does everything from crafting the silver to appointing sales distributors alone. But the wait is worth it — Taro Washimi makes every piece by hand, so you’re guaranteed a one of a kind piece of silver.

Taro Washimi, who learnt the ropes of silver crafting at Studio & Y when he was, left at 30 to backpack and see the world. He returned at 35 to set up his own brand, which has garnered a worldwide following