About Collectors Baze

“Our mission – From Collectors to Collectors.
We believe no Collectors knows another better than a Collector himself.”

We’ve all got a collection of some kind – a shelf full of tin robots, a row of Hello Kitty plush collectibles, or a drawer of silver accessories to match any outfit. We know how it feels to agonise over your latest purchase, or the thrilling rush you get when you add a new item to your collection.

We know because we’re collectors too. That’s why we set up Collectors Baze, a one-stop shop for all kinds of vintage collectors. Our products include Japanese robots, Western action figures, vintage pedal scooters, and anime and game posters from the 1980s.

At Collectors Baze, most of our items are limited edition releases that can no longer be bought off the shelf. We source them, pre-owned and loved, from collectors – so try us for that Takara Diaclone robot or Gatchaman collectible you need to complete your collection. This also means we’re constantly refreshing our collection, so you’ll enjoy a different experience every time you drop by.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know, and we’ll do the legwork for you. Over the years, Collectors Baze has built a network of collectors who come to us to buy and sell products. We’ll tap into their collections until we find the item you want.

Collectors, we understand when its time to let go. We know how much you poured into your collection, and we’d love to help find it a new home. Contact us to find out about our toy buyback policies, earn some dough, and put it towards your next purchase.

Besides vintage items, we also carry a range of new and limited edition items such as Head Porter bags, A Bathing Ape t-shirts, and silver fashion accessories from Japanese silver artisan Taro Washimi.


Collectors Baze, formerly known as Toy Baze, was founded in 1994 by brothers Arnest and Spencer Ng, who ran a weekly store at the now-defunct Clarke Quay flea market. It was a time they remember as the golden age of collectors in Singapore, when Star Wars, Coke merchandise and generation one Transformers topped collectors’ shopping lists.

After the flea market folded in 2003, the Ng brothers took a decade-long hiatus from selling, while building up their personal collections. Arnest specialises in Japanese robots, while Spencer’s interest lies in Western action figures.

The duo finally re-launched their brand at the 2012 Singapore Game and Toy Comic Convention (STGCC), where they received an overwhelming response. Collectors Baze now maintains an annual presence at STGCC, where Arnest and Spencer enjoy meeting fellow vintage collectors.

After running Collectors Baze as a part-time business for over two decades, the duo teamed up with entrepreneur and customer-turned-investor Mr Ivan Lee last year to run Collectors Baze full time.

Browse our collections to find out what we have in store, or pay us a visit to see your latest purchase up close and personal!

– Your Collections, Our Passion –